Meadowlark Farm

Selling grass-fed lamb and pastured poultry since 1989


Meadowlark Farm has been raising and selling grass-fed lamb and pastured poultry to discriminating eaters in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon for over 31 years.  We are proud to be a part of the Boise Farmers Market.

You may have noticed we are not selling through the Boise Farmers Market this year.  A pasture that we were leasing has been sold and we don't know if we will still have access to it.  Since we learned of the pending sale two years ago, we decided to cut down our flock numbers to continue maximum grazing on our own pastures.  We have less lamb in 2020.  We've had many folks like you contact us directly and have not had enough lamb supply to use the Market's drive through service.

Please contact us directly!  Send an email through the contact page and we'll get you some lamb.   

If the Boise Farmers Market opens in any kind of normal way this year, you'll find us there a couple of Saturdays each month.  Maybe---sorry it's the best we can predict.     

The global food supply chain is very fragile.  Buy directly from local farmers.  Support the Boise Farmers Market.

 We are sold out of pastured whole chickens for 2020.

We farm at the farm and sell at the farmers market.  There are NO ON-FARM SALES.  It is quite disruptive to sell from the farm and we've decided not to pursue that path.